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Illy Whole Bean Intenso Bold Roast Coffee (6x250g) (jit)

SKU: 76178


Whole Beans Intenso Dark Roast Coffee - Intenso bold roast coffee has a pleasantly robust finish. with warm notes of cocoa and dried fruits. Marked counterpoints of flavors with pronounced chocolate aroma, blending with toast and caramel.

A delightful espresso: the eyes sense it first. Thick, unbroken hazelnut-hued crema – that light-brown layer on top – painted by tiger stripes, darker brown. Next, aromas bring a sweet and complex tease, full with notes of chocolate, toast, honey and caramel. Telling taste: "Here is something special." Finally, the sip. Sweet, velvety, full bodied – a passing hint of bitter: here, then gone.