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Diving Deeper: Our Tree Planting Program

Diving Deeper: Our Tree Planting Program

One of the aspects of our business that we are most proud of is our ongoing commitment to doing our part for the environment. We have been operating for nearly a decade (initially under the name GoJava) and for almost that same length of time, we have been planting one tree for every order placed with us. 

This idea came to our Founder and CEO early on as a way to create more of a positive impact on the world and to find ways--both big and small--to do more with our business than create profit. 

We have seen over the years that this aspect of our operation is not only something we are proud of, but something that our existing and potential customers also find compelling when choosing their office snacks service provider. Having respect and reverence for the environment is more than a trend, it's something that companies are realizing must be an essential part of the ethos of doing business, for the sake of our wellbeing and longevity as a planet. We love being a part of this movement and hope that through our tree planting and carbon neutral delivery programs we might inspire others to do the same. 

To that end, we are diving a little deeper this week into our tree planting program with frequently asked questions we receive about the details of how it works. 

One Tree For Every Order
As part of our commitment to the environment, we plant one tree for every order
placed at Pantree.ca through our tree planting partnerships with WeForest, and now
Veritree, who we recently started working with as our main tree planting partner.

This initiative allows us to provide carbon neutral delivery to all of our customers,
something we are very proud of as it establishes us as the most environmentally
friendly company in our industry. To date, we have planted over 100,000 trees and
we plant additional trees to offset the carbon emitted by our delivery fleet.

Why Veritree?
Veritree partners with planting organizations around the globe to ensure resources
are going to areas most in need of support. If you are interested in learning more
about how Veritree ensures accuracy and transparency through their management
of reforestation and tree planting verification practices, you can read more on their
website here.

Where Are The Trees Being Planted?
The tree planting projects we support are in Zambia, Tanzania, and Kenya. The
trees are planted in these regions because they have been identified as most in
need of efforts and resources directed to reforest these areas.

The wonderful thing about these reforestation projects is that they not only support nature regeneration, but also the communities that live and work there. You can read more in depth about the details of our tree planting projects in these areas on our partner page.

A Step Beyond
Additionally, we provide zero waste services to offices. These include recycling of
Keurig coffee pods, paper coffee cups, plastic packaging from snacks and coffee
bags, etc. We also compost the coffee grounds from our bean-to-cup coffee

Pantree Reporting
Our tree planting initiatives are regularly updated and made public via the tree
counter on our website. We collect customer data and present it to our customers
in their customer accounts so they can track how many trees they have contributed
to planting and how much waste they have diverted.

We love talking about all thing tree planting and sustainability, so feel free to reach out if you have more questions about our programs and how you can create a positive impact by choosing us for your office snacks service provider. We hope by sharing more insight into our tree planting program you are inspired to find ways to incorporate these ideas into your own business practices!

Until next time, 
The Pantree Team