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Water Filtration for Offices

Sustainable & Refreshing!

We offer the latest water filtration equipment for offices that
will impress your team and keep them hydrated. We carry all
types of water filtration units and have options for cold, hot,
sparkling and flavoured water.

Replace your bottled water with
modern filtration units to lower
your carbon footprint and save money!

Right Equipment For You

We carry floor, counter-top and under the sink (with tap) water filtration units and even have touchless dispensing options. We provide regular maintenance to ensure your water is always properly filtered. Whether you want fancy sparkling and flavoured water options or just good old fashioned filtered water, we have the right solution for you!

Bevi - Still, Sparkling & Flavoured Water

The Bevi is the ultimate office perk. It excites your team while saving you time, money, and the environment by providing delicious healthy beverages on tap, without the waste. With so many tasty natural flavours, staying hydrated will never be boring again. Reach out to us to learn more about the Bevi experience!

ION - Cold, Room Temp, Hot, and Sparkling Water

The ION countertop water filtration unit has every type of water your need. With cold refreshing water, room temperature, hot water that's perfect for tea, and sparkling water to spice things up a bit. Contact us to learn about everything the ION can do for you!

Thirsty? Get In Touch!