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About Us

How It Started

This story started in 2015 when two best friends, Eugene Ace and Evan Birmann, had an idea and a dream to create a service that would provide free recycling for coffee pods. Initially launched as GoJava, the business was centred around providing office coffee in a sustainable way. Recycling coffee pods and paper cups, and delivering coffee and related products across the GTA. Working out of Evan's basement and delivering products out of family sedans - it was a humble start.

Growth and the Birth of Pantree

The company grew quickly for a number of years expanding into office snacks, water filtration, and other related products. And then COVID hit. During COVID, under the belief that "we're stronger together than apart" GoJava combined with two industry peers - Office Grocery and Mr. Case. Once the businesses were merged and integrated the team realized that we needed a new name for our new and combined company. And the name we came up with is...Pantree. Why Pantree? Because we sell mostly products that would go into a pantry (snacks, beverages, coffee, etc.) and because we plant a tree for every order we receive. 

How It's Going

As Pantree, we have two divisions: Pantree.ca which provides coffee, snacks, water filtration services, etc. to offices and workplaces in the GTA (and also delivering to homes).

And PantreeFoodService.ca which provides beverages, snacks, takeout and disposables, etc. to food service customers (restaurants, hotels, cafes, golf clubs, catering companies, etc.).

Today we pride ourselves on being the most sustainable company in our industry. And being an expert in local, healthy, and trendy products. If you're interested in learning more about our story or becoming a customer, please reach out to us at info@pantree.ca. We would love to hear from you. :)