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Zero Waste Office Solutions

Reduce Waste
At Your Workplace

We created the Zero Waste Office
program to help businesses make a
difference and create a greener future.
pantree works with offices of all
sizes to help reduce the amount of
waste they send to Landfill.

Let us customize a zero waste
solution for your office to
maximize your impact!

Green Done Right

Our Zero Waste Office solutions are impactful and highly visible. They will enable your organization to demonstrate its commitment to the environment in a visible and affordable way. By diverting organic materials from landfill your office can help reduce Green House Gas emissions!

Track Your Impact

We will help your office recycle as much as possible and track the waste you are diverting from landfill. We offer plastic recycling offsets, so for any plastic products you order from us we can divert an equal amount of plastic from Oceans. We also provide carbon neutral delivery and plant a tree for every order you place. Let's make a difference and create a greener future!

Save The Planet With Us!