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Delivery Details & Frequently Asked Questions: 

You can select your delivery day up to 5 days in advance. Orders must be submitted before 11:30am to be delivered on the next business day. 
**Cut off for Monday delivery is Friday at 11:30am**

Q:   Where does Pantree deliver?

A:   We currently deliver to Offices and Homes in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Scarborough, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

We also offer extended delivery coverage for Offices in the following cities: Pickering, Hamilton, Kitchener / Waterloo, and Guelph. We deliver to these cities on certain days of the week and there are minimum order requirements to be eligible for delivery. Please contact us to see if your office is eligible.

If you are located outside of the above zones, unfortunately we are not able to offer delivery at this time. 


Q:   What is your delivery charge?

A:   Delivery is $15.00 ($10.00 for delivery and a $5.00 fuel surcharge).

The delivery fee includes: 

  • Next Business Day Delivery if order is placed before 11:30am
  • Carbon Neutral Delivery
  • One tree planted with each order through WeForest.org (Check out our partner page to see how many trees have been planted so far!)


Q:   Is there a minimum order requirement?

A:   No, we do not have a minimum dollar or quantity requirement for orders. You may order as little or as much as you'd like :)


Q:   When can I expect delivery of my order?

A:    We deliver to the Greater Toronto Area Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. On the morning of your delivery, you will receive an email with an estimated 2 hour time window of when your order will be delivered. The estimated delivery timing is not always 100% accurate as some deliveries can take longer or shorter than anticipated, so please take the estimate with a grain of salt! :) 


Q:   Can I request to have a regularly scheduled  / recurring delivery?

A:   Yes! You may set up a standing order with our Customer Service Team. Please email your request to info@pantree.ca with the products and quantities you would like, and how often you want your order to be delivered (E.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis, etc.). We do require that each standing order must be a minimum of $100 worth of products. 


Q:   What are your office hours?

A:    You may contact our Customer Service Representatives Mondays through Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Q:   What is your return policy?

A:    Typically we are not able to take back any products for return. If there is an issue with any of the products that you received, please let us know and we can potentially provide a refund or replacement product, depending on the circumstances :) 


Q:   How do I start online shopping?

A:   It's easy, all you have to do is register with some basic information: your name, address, email address and phone number. We need this information to know where to deliver and to confirm your order. It takes just a few moments and registration is free. Then simply add items to your cart and complete you order.


Q:   How can I cancel or modify my order?

A:    You can contact us at info@pantree.ca if you would like to make edits to your order or cancel your order. Please note, any changes to your order must be made before 11:30am in order to be delivered the next business day.


Q:   How can I pay for my order?

A:   We accept Credit Card and Paypal. 
Corporate billing accounts with payment terms are available to businesses upon approval. You can email us at info@pantree.ca to set up a corporate billing account.


Q:   What does it mean when a product has "(jit)" in the product name?

A:   This means that this is a product that we get "just in time (JIT)" from our supplier network. We don't hold inventory of these JIT products. We take your order, pass that order on quickly to our suppliers, and receive the products just before they go out for delivery.

any of these products are "search only" on our website and they are not listed in the menu of the store. The reason is that if we included all of the products in the menu, it would become too big and hard to navigate. So the most popular products are typically in the menu whereas a lot of other less common items are "search only".

The good thing about JIT products is that we can list very many of them. So we can give you a much bigger selection of products.

The potential downside about JIT products is that there is more risk that the product doesn't actually arrive from the supplier. Since we don't hold it in stock, we don't know for sure that the supplier has it and will deliver it. There's a ~70-90% chance we will receive it from our supplier and be able to deliver it to you. The other limitation is that most of these items are only sold by case.

If the product name does not have "(jit)" in it, that means that it is a product that we inventory and have in our warehouse. If you order one of these products the success rate of receiving it should be ~99% :) 


Q:   How does the coffee pod recycling service work?

A:   To get started with the coffee pod recycling service, you simply place your first order on our webstore. We then deliver your coffee and give you a bin to collect your used coffee pods. When you need more coffee you just place your next order and leave your bin on your doorstep for us. When we deliver your order on the next business day, we empty the bin and collect the used pods for recycling. We provide the coffee pod recycling service for both Offices and Homes.


Q:   Can I purchase my coffee pods elsewhere and recycle them through you?

A:   The coffee pods we pick up for recycling should be ordered from us. There is a cost for us to recycle the coffee pods so we kindly ask that you order your coffee pods from us :) 


Q:   What if I forget to put out my used coffee pods on my delivery day?

A:  If you are a home customer, you need to leave your used pods outside of your door on the delivery day.  Please try not to forget :) 
(your delivery always comes on the next business day for orders placed before 11:30am)
If you do forget to leave your used coffee pods out for us, please hold on to them until your next delivery.


Q:   Do you service condo buildings? How does the delivery and pick up service work for condos?

A:   Yes we do! When you place your first order, please submit a note during checkout that lets us know if we should deliver and pick up through your concierge or if we should deliver and pick up outside your suite door. If there is no concierge, please provide a buzz code so we can access the building. 

If there is a concierge in your building, please communicate to them if you plan to have the deliveries and pick ups flow through them or if you want us going upstairs to your suite. 

If we arrive for a delivery and we do not have access to your building, for example, there is no concierge at the front desk and we do not have a buzz code, we will communicate when we can come back to perform the delivery.

Q:   Do you provide discounts?

A:   This is a competitive business and we do our best on pricing. We provide some discounts to high volume offices. And we offer price-matching when we're able to. When comparing prices, please keep in mind that when ordering through us you receive delivery cost savings, time savings, and environmental benefits (we provide carbon neutral delivery, we provide plastic recycling offsets and plant a tree for every order). 

If you would like to learn more about any of our services or have any questions, please send us an email at info@pantree.ca or complete the form below!