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New Month, New Products, New Prices!

New Month, New Products, New Prices!

Welcome to April! As kick off this month, we are all about new prices, new products, and spreading the good vibes wherever we can! 

New to Pantree: Stellar Eats
As we are continually evolving our office snack delivery offerings, we are always on the search for new, cool, healthy and progressive brands who are doing more than just making snacks. Enter: Stellar Eats, a line of instant mug snacks perfect for a quick treat, whether at your desk or curled up at home. 

We love that they are all about making treats with real food ingredients that everyone will recognize in their pursuit of redefining what it means to eat healthy. Their mission is for healthy eating to be enjoyable, easy, and empowering, focusing on how the food makes you FEEL rather than getting caught up on whether it fits into a certain trend. Pantree now carries their lineup of 3 awesome flavours: Brownie, Carrot Cake, and Banana Bread 

Check them out and consider adding them to your cart the next time you place an order with our office snacks service

Barbet: Female Founded, Owned, and Operated
Since coming on to the sparkling water scene, Barbet has made a huge splash (see what we did there?😜)

Founded by two sisters in Toronto, Barbet makes sparkling beverages for curious tastebuds. Their full-flavoured approach to beverage focuses on delivering an experience that plays with the senses--full-bodied flavours, strong aromatics, and colourful pours. The flavours include Wild Card (blood orange, calamansi, jalapeno), Love Bite (pink grapefruit, ginger, juniper) and Light Wave (cucumber, pineapple, lavender). Each one of their cans gives back to a grassroots charity organization. 

With a mission to put alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks on a level playing field, they believe in creating elevated beverages. We can attest to their triumph, as Barbet is one of our team's personal favourites at our office and warehouse, and are sure to be a huge hit with your team. Get the buzz going at work by ordering Barbet as part of your office snacks and pantry service! 

Reduced Pricing
Like many businesses in the current economic climate, we are striving to walk the line between being competitive with our pricing so as to offer the best value to our customers, while also being mindful about our own constraints. To that end, we have reduced the pricing on a number of our products for our Pantry Food Service customers to make ordering with us that much more enjoyable and reasonable.

You will now find lower prices on the following products: 

  • Boylan
  • Fever Tree
  • Walter's
  • Mott's
  • Gatorade
  • Redbull
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (Glass) (12x750ml)
  • Perrier Slims Original Sparkling Water (24-330 mL (Cans))
  • Naya Spring Water (24x600ml)
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail (8-1.89 L)
  • Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Blonde Ale (24-355 ml)

Wishing you all a wonderful April! As the weather starts to calm down and the buds of plants and trees start to emerge, we hope the sense of renewal and fresh energy finds you and brightens your days in the coming months. 

Until next time, 
The Pantree Team