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Pantree After Dark At The Royal Ontario Museum

Pantree After Dark At The Royal Ontario Museum

Recently, Pantree had the privilege of being one of the key vendors for our customer, Royal Ontario Museum, for their ROM After Dark event.

If you haven't yet been to one of the ROM After Dark nights, we highly recommend you check them out! These are a themed after-hours event series that allows you to explore the Museum in a whole new way. ROM After Dark channels an experiential energy, featuring curated music, visual arts, pop-up performances, and distinctive food and drink, designed for adults looking for a fun, art-driven night out.

For this most recent event the theme was "Earth Folk" which was a propos of Earth Day. As part of our role as pantry delivery service provider for ROM, we brought in a range of beverages--because when you're dancing in the dark in the middle of a museum, you need to stay hydrated!

Our team loves being part of these cool, exciting happenings around the city. If you need vendors for your next event as the season of summer and summer parties is upon us, please email our Head of Food Service, Kristin Dale, at kristin.dale@pantree.ca.

For more about our Food Service offerings and how we are working with our partners across restaurants, cafes, and the hospitality industry in Toronto, check out our dedicated Pantree Food Service site. 

Until next time, 
The Pantree Team

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