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Coffee Recycling in Toronto

We LOVE coffee! And we're all about getting Toronto offices set up with the best selection of coffee, drinks and snacks. Whether you're looking for quality, convenience, or a budget offering, and whether you are an office of 1 or of 1,000, we have you covered.

We also carry the widest variety of products available. And our service is next to none! 

Your Order Also Covers Free Coffee Recycling 

Join the 100's of offices in Toronto who now recycle coffee pods, capsules and discs.

keurig recycling toronto
  • Free coffee recycling
  • One tree planted for every order
  • Carbon neutral delivery





GoJava was launched on the mission of finding a solution to the millions of coffee pods that end up in landfills. Our recycling program allows people at home or at the office to dispose used Keurig pods a better way. After only a few years, we're proud to work with 100's of Toronto offices.

Do your part in creating a greener future - for free! 

Completely Sustainable Coffee Recycling Service



Place your coffee order on our website. It's delivered next business day along with a recycling bin to collect used pods. 


Enjoy your coffee. Each time GoJava drops off a new round, we'll collect the disposed pods since our last delivery.


We developed a specialized process to separate coffee grounds and plastic. Coffee grounds are composted and the plastic is turned into artificial lumber which is used for building decks, benches and playgrounds.


Try Before You Buy - Get Some Free Coffee & Snacks! 


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Ask us to send your office a sample box 10 popular snacks.

Fill out the form to get it touch. We'll get back to you to see how we can help.