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Expertly curated and customizable holiday gift boxes for the team

Delight your employees with every unboxing with GoJava's holiday gift box delivery service. 







If you’re thinking of how to thank your employees or clients, or how to send someone a much deserved boost heading into the holidays, we have

compiled some of our favourite local goodies into holiday gift boxes that you can send straight to their homes!

We are also able to customize your boxes however you want!


  1. Cheers Box ($65)
    Includes: Tawse Mini Bottle of Wine (red or white), Local Coffee & Tea, Chocolates & Honey

  2. Sweet Box ($45)
    Includes: Local Chocolates, Tea, Honey & Cookies

  3. Savoury Box ($45)
    Includes: Premium Italian Pasta, Local Pasta Sauce, Organic Olives, Artisan Crackers, Organic Nuts

  4. Wine Tasting Kit ($25)
    Includes: 4x 1 oz wine samples, tasting glass, tasting notes / descriptions

Sweet Gift Box

Savoury Gift Box

Wine Tasting Kit


Holiday Gift Boxes - How it Works

*If you want to keep the gift a surprise, you can select which box you would like to send to your recipients and provide us with a list of their home addresses. 


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