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Get a sample of 10 of our most popular snacks free - it's super easy!

gojava free office snacks


If you are an office with 25 employees or more looking for a snack delivery subscription, we're happy to send you a free sample box.

1. Enter your info in the form below.

2. Hop On a Quick Call to see if Pantree makes sense for your office.

3. Enjoy Free Snacks - If Pantree makes sense for your team, we will send you a box of some of our most popular snacks for FREE. Yes. Free. 

Prefer a free coffee tasting?  

Pantree works with the best coffee roasters and we carry the best equipment. With our huge variety of options you'll be sure to satisfy everyone in the office! 

Fill out the form to request free samples or to setup a coffee tasting at your office: