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Bio Raw Organic Veggie Cup with Classic Hummus - 14 Day Shelf Life - DELIVERY ON FRIDAYS & MONDAYS ONLY - (Refrigerated, Organic, Non-GMO, Raw) - (jit)

SKU: 673618

Looking for a perfect on-the-go snack? Try BIO RAW's delicious oil-free hummus with some fresh carrots and celery sticks! Our hummus is made from organic chickpeas that are soaked overnight and cooked at high temperatures, which not only reduces the lectin content for easier digestion but also enhances the flavour. This makes it ideal for those with sensitive tummies.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Carrots*, Celery*, Classic Hummus* (Cooked Chickpeas*, Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice*, Filtered Water, Tahini*, Garlic*, Himalayan Pink Salt)

Guaranteed Fresh for 14 Days.