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Fanta Orange Mini Cans (24-222 mL)

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Choosing the right fruit flavoured soda can be tough––like choosing the right movie to watch with pals. So when you’ve got a delicious bottle of Fanta Orange soda ready to go, the decision is easy. In fact, every Fanta Orange soda is made with 5% real orange juice and is naturally flavoured. Plus it’s caffeine free so you can keep things chill. So go ahead and live in the moment, bring your friends along for the ride as you shoot for the stars––and discover new ones. ‘Cause that’s how we do. We refresh your crew with a crew of delicious fruit flavoured sodas. All of Fanta’s selections of fruit flavoured sodas pair perfectly with your favorite snack. Check out Fanta Orange, a cheerful burst of delicious orange soda that's up for anything. It's a classic-iconic-flavour-inspiration-in-a-bottle-passion-for-life-share-every-moment-because-embracing-what-makes-you-unique-makes-you-cool thing. Whatever flavour you go with, Fanta’s fruit flavoured taste is filled with good vibes and good times. So go ahead and share. Wanta Fanta!
It’s a bubbly, fruit flavoured, orange soda that's always down for a fiesta
Delicious fruit flavoured soda made with real oranges (5% juice content)
Naturally flavoured soft drink, and no caffeine
Join the celebration with every sip of Fanta!
Each 222 mL can is caffeine free