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International Delight Hazelnut Coffee Whitener (6-473 ml)(jit)

SKU: 498608

Product details

This creamy blend brings home the rich flavour of hazelnuts. Warm, nutty, decadent, and a natural complement to any coffee. Delight and create a cup of coffee that is sumptuous and as unique as you are. Available in 473 mL, 946 mL and 1.42L formats. With International Delight coffee creamers, making your perfect cup at home has never been easier. They’re the most delightful sidekicks there is – a match made in coffee heaven. Feel like a pro while treating yourself to that flawless homemade brew. Delightful! And never forget that coffee creamers are there to make your coffee taste its best. So, get creative until you find the one that satisfies all your cravings.