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Loon Kombucha - Very Cranberry (12x355ml)

$38.25 $45.00
SKU: Loon006

Our delicious Very Cranberry is flavored with nothing but organic cranberries from Quebec. Pure and simple. Like carbonated cranberry juice, this white-tea-based kombucha is incredibly drinkable and the perfect introduction to Loon. This berry kombucha is also our most popular cocktail mix. Best consumed when the lake is the color of the sunset and you haven’t seen a car in days…

Refreshingly Pure

Ingredients: organic white tea kombucha [alkaline water, kombucha culture, organic white tea] * sugars (organic cane sugar) * organic cranberry juice

Fun Health Facts:

Cranberries are often considered a superfood for their high nutrient and antioxidant content. For those who love a berry kombucha, this one will not disappoint!