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Loon Kombucha - Violet Lemongrass (12x355ml)

$38.25 $45.00
SKU: Loon003

The Violet is our most beautiful and original kombucha. Based on Nam Takrai Bai Teuy, the popular Thai tea consumed for its soothing effects on the body and mind, this vibrant kombucha is flavored with fresh lemongrass sticks and organic cardamom pods. Pairs beautifully with a summer at the lake and forgetting the day of the week...

Refreshingly Pure

Ingredients: organic white tea kombucha [alkaline water, kombucha culture, organic white tea] * sugars (organic cane sugar) * organic lemongrass * organic cardamom * butterfly pea flower

Fun Health Facts:

The natural color of this batch comes from butterfly pea flower, which is considered an antioxidant-rich ingredient with anti-inflammatory compounds. Lemongrass also contains substances that are thought to relieve pain and swelling.