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Made With Local Real Food Bars -Chocolate Mint Chip (12 x 53g)


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If you're someone who LOVES chocolate + mint, do not sleep on this DREAMY Real Food Bar flavour!

Creamy cashew butter, fair-trade organic dark chocolate chunks and pure peppermint oil (no weird fake flavourings here!) mingle together in this classic flavour pairing that you will be craving all year 'round.

These bars serve spot-on peppermint patty taste while staying true to the wholesome nourishment that you love in our Real Food Bars that comes from whole, Canadian, and organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Gluten free organic oats, Cashew butter (cashews, sunflower oil), Sugar (honey), Organic cocoa, Organic dark chocolate (cacao mass, cane sugar, cacao butter), Walnuts, Sea salt, Pure peppermint oil. Contains tree nuts (cashew, walnut). May contain peanuts.