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MadeGood Double Chocolate Cookies (6 x 200g ) (JIT)


Indulge with MadeGood's Double Chocolate Cookies, the better-for-you treat designed for sharing moments of delight! With an improved texture and deliciously crunchy bite, these tasty cookies boast enhanced flavor and are crafted in a dedicated nut-free facility. Packed with wholesome, organic ingredients and nutrients from vegetable extracts, they're a good source of vitamin D. Gluten-free and oh-so-chocolaty, these delights are thoughtfully made for those who love to share joy, laughter, and, of course, cookies! Time to treat yourself and spread the sweetness. MadeGood was started to share a family's love for good snacks, but it also started to do some good in the world. Good is for everyone – high standards, quality, and transparency.