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Spirit Bear Coffee - Pouches - Eagle- (42 x 70g)

SKU: 235550

Eagle brings soaring flavour and superb strength to a full-bodied cup. Blended from the finest Central and South American beans, Eagle's great taste is sure to satisfy.

Eagle is only mentioned a few times throughout Tsimshian stories and spoken of as a wise and cautious character who wasn’t easily fooled by Raven’s tricks.

Crest Meaning:

Great spiritual insight, visionary, wise teacher and storytelling and is a peacekeeper.

Eagle has a spirit connection to flying in up drafts and hunting salmon.

Flavour: Balanced perfectly for a discerning pallet

Acidity: Low

Regions: Central & South Americ

    Not sure which grind is right for you? Tell us how you make your coffee & we will select the best grind for you. 

    You can also enjoy our Eagle Medium Roast coffee in compostable coffee pods format.