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Spirit Bear Coffee - Pouches - Orca (42 x 70g)

SKU: 235600

Goodness is at the heart of this rich and nutty dark roasted coffee. Orca has intense, rich flavour with a subtle, yet pleasing finish.

Killer whale is the greatest creature of the ocean, with a unified tribal system.

Neexl is a friend of the fisherman who also dealt with sea monsters that tormented all ocean travellers. They would lead fishermen to good fishing areas and guide them through storms and foggy weather.

Orca has a spirit connection to good hearted humans and Mother Ocean.

Flavour: Rich, full body flavour 

Acidity: Low

Regions: Central & South America, Asia

    Not sure which grind is right for you? Tell us how you make your coffee & we will select the best grind for you. 

    You can also enjoy our Orca Dark Roast coffee in compostable coffee pods format.