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Village Juicery Soba Noodle Bowl - 3 Day Shelf Life (Refrigerated, Organic, Non-GMO, Raw) - 260g (jit)

SKU: FSV3022

Village Juicery's organic Soba Noodle Bowl is paired with their Peanut Lime dressing and includes peanut butter baked tofu crumble, edamame and toasted cashews on a bed of buckwheat soba noodles.

Ingredients: Soba Noodles*(organic buckwheat flour), Tofu* (organic soybean, water, magnesium chloride), Peanut Butter* (Peanuts), Cabbage*, Edamame*, Carrots* Maple Syrup*, Tamari*, Cashews*, Sesame Oil*, Olive Oil*, Lime Juice*, Garlic*, Sesame Seeds*, Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt